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“Your products with a “WOW” factor, sell more!”

Professional pack shots & commercial product photography services that Create Value!

Part of the success in selling a product has to do with the way it is displayed to the final customer. Every marketeer knows this. It's more than a simple well done picture - it's the message the image should carry to the viewer/customer that will make him/her say or think - "I want to buy this!"

The top 5 reasons to choose my commercial product (pack-shots/table top) photography services are product to costumer message centered as you may find below:

#1 - Tempting (the customers) is the word
High quality commercial product photography tempts customers and prompts them to buy. Clean and effective images have their great value and I produce them at great value prices.

#2 - Cut-out or artistic approaches are only two of the options
Some examples show, how with the use of different techniques, I can create something amazing for you and your products. With a wide range of artistic approaches, that I'm experienced with, and the expertise to bring them all together, my creative photography option is ideal when you need to show your products in a very special way.

I produce high quality commercial product photography and cut-outs for use in a wide range of commercial applications including catalogues, websites, brochures, editorial, packaging and advertising.

#3 - Size and placement doesn't matter
From close-up small items to large pieces, there is always a way to make your product photos and make them shine with that "WOW" factor.

My crisp, uncluttered images are used in a broad array of media, including mail order catalogs, corporate brochures, commercial websites, press releases, marketing literature and product packaging.

#4 - No problems, just solutions - in studio or on location
So many customers have their huge stocks at their factories, others at their warehouses, and others just have small and unique items they want and need to sell - none of these are problems because the solutions are always on my side - I'm able to produce your product's photos in studio or on location - whatever makes more sense to you. All the top notch equipment for the shoot is portable and this enables to set my studio at your location with ease.

Important fact is that I will provide the exact picture for your requirements.

#5 - Prices go down when the quantity goes up!
Prices for commercial product photography are divided into two categories; "cost-effective" and "creative". 'Cost-effective' photos are the ones that do not require special settings nor a creative styling - usually these are the cut-outs or simple product photos. For this category, the more products you have, the lower the prices are for the shoot. In the 'creative' category, the concept defined and the complexity of the setting usually defines the final price. Even though, I produce the highest quality images at very competitive prices‚ starting at just €15 per image!


If all the above makes sense and goes with your wedding photography needs, you may call me on (+351) 910 512 949 or ask for a budget estimate online here.

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Some samples of the produced work can also be seen Imagebank.
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