Marc Ramirez photo shoot

Double bass player, Marc RamirezLast week ended with the production of Marc Ramirez - Gulbenkian Orchestra double bass player, professional profile photos. The whole photo shoot has been made on location and the final images produced were delivered in color and black & white hi-resolution photos.

Another step into the classical music photo production after the production of the whole photobook for the Chamber Orchestra of Europe. Musicians are special (...)

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High level meeting coverage

Just completed another high level corporate meeting assignment, for Cook® medical, which included the production of more than thirty corporate executives' portraits and group portraits, as well as complete meeting and events coverage, in a three (...)

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Reaching 3000 photos online

Portugal St. Antonio de Lisboa

The Imagebank is growing as the photos are being re-uploaded to the server, after the overall system update. By now, there are about 3000 photos available on several categories.

Although it may seem a lot of photos, this is perhaps a tenth or less than what has to be uploaded to the system, but I'm trying to ensure that all the photos are correctly captioned, all keywords and IPTC according to industry standards (...)

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A copper still sits inside the Casa das Rolhas store in Porto, Portugal on Tuesday, Oct 10, 2006. The cork stoppers store, Casa das Rolhas, was established in 1850, selling all kinds and sizes of cork stoppers to the Porto Wine industry, especially to th
Cork stoppers store
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